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Interesting results of a study on smoking among people living with lupus. A big thank you to Dr. Josiane Bourré Tessier for sharing these results with us.
In order to know if patients who smoke cigarettes have an increased risk of lupus skin disease compared to patients who don't smoke, we analyzed data of 1346 patients from the Canadian SLE cohort (CaNIOS). Different tools measuring skin involvement have been used. In our cohort, 41.2% of patients reported ever smoking, 14.0% were current smokers and 27.1% were past smokers. We did find that current smoking increases the risk of active lupus rash. Interestingly, to be an ex-smoker was not associated with current active lupus rash. It is therefore possible that smoking cessation decreases active skin disease. This provides additional motivation for smoking cessation in patients with lupus.

Antonio Avina-Zubieta
Lay Abstract : VTE
Due to persistent inflammation, people with arthritis are at risk of developing cardiovascular complications, which are the primary cause of premature death in this population.
VTE is a form of cardiovascular condition that causes blood clots in deep veins (deep venous thrombosis) of the legs that sometimes travel to the lungs (pulmonary embolism) and prove life-threatening. Despite this, up to now, research has focused on determining the link between rheumatic disorders and more common types of cardiovascular disease that cause clots in the vessels of the brain (stroke) and the heart (heart attack).